I have had the privilege of working closely for the last 18 months with the campaigns of most of our local candidates. The outpouring of support for these candidates and their fresh ideas that have emerged since 2016 is inspiring and refreshing.

There are many problems which need addressing and this collective of new energy could be the change we need.

Joey Andrews for State Rep in District 79 has walked most of the district and spoken to many voters. He has touched so many people with his sincere desire to make Michigan a fair and just place that works for everyone. He will fight tirelessly until this goal is accomplished.

Ian Haight for State Senator has displayed an ability to bridge the gap of partisan divide and speak from the heart and mind on issues that will help his constituents. He listens in a way that is very powerful—and knows how to respond to what he hears in ways that are rare for one so young.

Dr. Matt Longjohn is poised to be a national leader that will truly focus on our country and it’s citizens being their best selves in a holistic manner—the best healthcare, water, air, schools, etc.—to make our best lives possible.

Dean Hill for State Rep in District 78 is a candidate who is well informed and easy to relate to. His is the story of the common man who has achieved much and wants to still give more. Dean will surely represent his district in Lansing with a voice for those who need it most.

Join me in voting for these fine candidates on November 6.

Audrey Lester  

St. Joseph

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