Editor, I need to chime in on this City election. I’ve lived here 30 years and I have been on the Planning Commission for almost four years. I am the only member to hold a Citizen Planner certificate from MSU. As far as I know, no other members have even completed the minimal training required to serve. I do my best to follow the rules and share them with fellow members, but they just fall in line and do whatever they are told.  The PC approves anything put in front of them whether it’s legal or not. Sadly, its not what you know but who.

Recently, the Planning Commission approved a re-zoning request without fulfilling any of the statutory requirements and allowed for 9 homes to be squeezed in on two city lots. I objected as the minimal notices weren’t sent and required public hearings weren’t held. These decisions are made by the boards who work under this City Council/ manager which ultimately approves these acts. Neither these boards nor this Council have any respect for the rule of law. This Council has no accountability and serves only special interests. The same special interests are even funding and running their campaigns.

Please decide carefully who you vote for in November and who is financing them. Find out who controls Forward New Buffalo (FNB) and you’ll find out who controls this City. Right now every single member on the Council has been supported and financed by FNB, so please choose wisely.

Thank you

Ralph Hullett

Planning Commissioner

New Buffalo

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