Dear Residents: By way of introduction, we are Lou O’Donnell IV and Mark Robertson and currently serve on New  Buffalo City Council. We are the only two incumbents running in this election. Together we have lived in the city of New Buffalo for over 85 years and understand our City’s unique challenges. Over the last few years there has been a lot of positive momentum which we would like to see continue. We are especially proud of the following accomplishments:

• Many neighborhood streets have been paved and infrastructure repaired or replaced

• Beautiful downtown project completed on time and under budget

• No property tax rate increases  

• Budget is balanced with multiple cost savings resulting from careful oversight, re-evaluating contracts, and seeking multiple bids

• Restoring City’s reserve fund

• Walking-friendly sidewalks have been installed

• Master Plan completes

• Multiple grants sought for our City’s fair share of Federal and State grant funds

• School safety prioritized with newly installed School Resource Officers

We are fully engaged in the operations of city business, respectful to our fellow city council members and staff, adhere to our promises, and always act in the best interest of our city.

We need a City Council that can work TOGETHER to get things done!

There is much work ahead of us to attract new businesses and year-round residents; continue  infrastructure, street and sidewalk improvements; update antiquated ordinances; expand grant funding and KEEP NEW BUFFALO MOVING FORWARD!

This is a particularly important election because it will determine the future of New Buffalo. We will continue to work in a collaborative manner with the upmost respect for our City Council and City Staff.  

Please give this some thoughtful consideration and

vote for Lou O’Donnell IV and Mark Robertson on

November 6th!

Thank you,

Lou and Mark

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