In the Wall Street Journal Oct. 17 issue, William Galston boiled Donald Trump’s rules for governing down to five, summarized below:

1. The end justifies the means, always.

2. No matter the truth of the allegations against you, always deny them, never admit.

3. Respond to criticism only by attacking your critics.

4. To arouse your supporters, cultivate division in the nation.

5. If you must choose between being loved and being feared, choose to be feared.

I would be happy to see evidence against these, but I can’t think of any.

Mr. Trump is not on the ballot this fall, but his supporters and enablers are. One of Trump’s enablers is Congressman Fred Upton. Before you cast your ballot, please consider whether you want to continue to enable this style of governance. There are choices to be made.

Carl Landwehr


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