All Residents of Berrien County: We are writing to ask that you contact the Berrien County Board of Commissioners and ask them NOT to approve any plan to reduce the driving lanes on Red Arrow Highway from 4 lanes to 2 lanes, so a bike path can be put in.

This would create a no-passing lane for 10-12 miles on a major highway in the county. This would be at the expense of the many motorists who use this highway daily year ‘round just to accommodate a few bikers who would use it only in good weather. Please tell the County Commissioners NOT to include this idea in any master plan that is being considered.

To reduce Red Arrow Highway from 4 driving lanes to 2 driving lanes is ill-advised and absurd when there are so many other areas in the county where a bike lane could be.

The planner needs to come up with other alternatives, or if he can’t, and bike paths are so important, the Commissioners need to hire someone who can. If turn lanes are important, put them in where they are needed, but keep the driving lanes to 4 lanes.

Regarding the comments about average usage on Red Arrow Highway. Average usage means there are many months of above average usage especially during spring, summer, and fall when many tourists, visitors, and second homeowners use this highway in addition to the many year-round residents. Red Arrow Highway is also an emergency route for I-94 shutdowns and backups.

To compare reducing Red Arrow Highway to Main St. in Benton Harbor (as reported in the newspaper) is ludicrous. To call this street in Benton Harbor a success because it “wasn’t a disaster” doesn’t say much for this new idea.

Thanks for your consideration,

Rolland & Pamela Oselka

Residents of Berrien County for over 50 Years

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