Why are we seeing such heated battles for non-partisan positions on local school boards? Candidates have never before had to campaign so hard, and raise so much money, to win spots on an unpaid body that spends hours every month deliberating on budgeting, staffing, regulatory compliance and other dry educational issues.

Have the last few years made us fearful, distrustful and suspicious of our neighbors? We all want the best for our children, but some parents have been fed confusing and dishonest “information” about how to protect their kids from a virus. They’ve been told that kids are being “indoctrinated” to hate their country, and that gay teachers are grooming students and encouraging them to question their gender identities.

In New Buffalo we have high achievement, dedicated and hard-working teachers and administrators, an exemplary record of safety and security. Why do some believe they need to fix what’s not broken? Dark money groups recruited well-meaning, right-leaning parents to run for school board positions in ten Berrien County school districts, including four candidates running under the banner of We The Parents in NBAS, part of a national GOP strategy to eventually privatize public schools, shifting money to religious and for-profit charter schools.

The other four candidates understand that the role of board members is to support professional educators, weighing in on discretionary decisions and district policies. They will calmly address district business and tamp down accusations and disruptions.

Embrace facts over fear. Vote for Churchill, Brunner, Werner and Thun.

Kathy Randolph

Union Pier

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