Editor, I am asking New Buffalo Voters for their vote next Tuesday.

First, because I am not financed by or beholding to any special interests, none. Second, because I do not socialize with any movers or shakers within this city who have their own personal agendas and do not participate in any private club memberships. Third, because I am the only candidate who will attempt to restore transparency of the workings of the City. Fourth, because I will follow the Charter and expose the truth about what transpires within City government. Fifth, because I will make myself available to residents and listen to them. And last, because I will bring forth discussion and dialogue in proposed resolutions by other members of the council and not rubber stamp every legislative proposal brought forth by the City Manager. It is his duty to administer the City’s policy and the Council’s to make such policy.

Forward New Buffalo (FNB), the PAC financing the incumbents brags of the successes like the Downtown project being under budget and no increase of property taxes. In reality the entire City has chipped in over a million dollars to develop the Downtown and not one property improved was assessed for improvements. Next, FNB fails to claim its nearly ten times over budget costs for the Clay street project and that taxes have not yet been raised. Promises for what the bond would accomplish have not been kept. Moreover, the bond is practically exhausted with much infrastructure work yet to be done. Paving over some of our streets is just window dressing as they were never constructed correctly in the first place (except for Clay) and will crumble soon. Water fees increased and the $875.000 raided from the water fund has not been replenished. There is simply no money left to keep New Buffalo moving forward without substantial future tax increases.

These are facts you need to know, but aren’t being told.

Thank You,

Ray Kirkus

New Buffalo

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