I have been asked: Why restore a 1886 one room School House known as Spring Creek School?

This is why!

• The School was built on this sight by Loggers, Farmers and Merchants. for the purpose of

educating their children.

• The children walked with their brothers and sisters to school helping one another to get there

and to return home.

• She would teach multiple aged students all in the one room schoolhouse and have older

students help younger students with classroom reading exercises

• This was repeated every day Through the post Civil War, through World War One and the

Great Depression. And it was achieved in this one room 1500 square foot School.

• Graduates of this school became successful farmers business professionals and leaders in this


The School was built strong however it is deteriorating, the ceiling is falling to the floor and critters are

making a home underneath the school If nothing is done the school will soon totally crumble like

7000 other one room schools in Michigan

The Schoolhouse represents the historical heritage of the people of the Three Oaks Community and the

success this schoolhouse had educating our early forefathers. I believe it is a worthy cause to restore

this schoolhouse so it can continue to stand for another 100 years.

I ask that those who feel the same help me in the support of this important project. For details on the

upcoming October 6 fund raiser visit www.springcreekschoolhouse.org.

Christian Mitchell

Three Oaks

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