In the upcoming City council election, November 6,  we have two local men, Lou O’Donnell and Mark Robertson, running for City Council who’ve lived here for a combined total of 85 years. 

They are very capable and serious about moving our city forward positively for all residents.

Council candidate Ray Kirkus, a New Buffalo voter since 1999, has as his campaign mottoes — honesty, integrity and transparency. He smartly did not add “collaborative.” 

Mr. Kirkus initiated a recall petition against Lou O’Donnell in 2016,  then ran against Mr. O’Donnell in that recall election, and O’Donnell defeated him, nullifying the recall Kirkus initiated. 

Now he’s running against him again! Those who know him would not describe him as “collaborative.” Planning Commission members resigned rather than stay on with Mr. Kirkus. 

Google him. Search back issue articles in the local papers, examine planning commission minutes on the city’s website and form your own opinion if you don’t already have one. 

Kevin Huber, the other candidate for City Council, applied for and was appointed to the New Buffalo Park Board. He didn’t show up and ultimately was dropped from the board.  That’s the sum and substance of his qualification for City Council.

Lou O’Donnell and Mark Robertson are strongly committed to the Improvements of streets and the city’s infrastructure. High on their priority list are improvement of the public beach & Lions Park,  a significant source of income for our city and downtown businesses. Our beach is in abominable condition when compared to other public beaches in Southwest Michigan. 

Facilitating the development of the vacant downtown parcel is also a high priority, along with developing an ordinance to prevent a re-occurrence of this this kind of problem in the future.

Anyone can criticize the Council’s efforts and our hometown super critics are having  at it. Tearing down is sooooo much easier and nastier than building up. 

Makes them feel good but what good do they do or have they ever done?

What is wrong with having upgraded infrastructures/utilities and the new appearance of our downtown?  (I’ve been waiting for this for thirty-five years, for heaven’s sake!)  

And, please, stop blaming “big “money” on this finally happening. Thank the Pokagon Fund. Or what is to criticize about finally improving many of our crumbled streets by, not a tax increase, but a low cost bond issue?  Candidates O’Donnell and Robertson, had a hand in these improvements and  have a raft of other positive goals for the future — passing ordinances related to historic preservation and ordinances on vacation rentals including rental parking, to name just two.  Where called for, costly goals will be pursued by seeking 

grants to cover the expense rather than raising taxes.

New Buffalo does not need  inexperienced or  hostile citizens with an ax to grind to move us backwards. Please vote for O’Donnell and Robertson for City Council.

Arlene Urquhart

New Buffalo

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