I am writing to voice my opposition to any plan that reduces Red Arrow Highway from 4 lanes to 3, especially one that is being proposed to accommodate a bike lane or path.

This proposal to reduce car lanes to accommodate a few bikers during fair weather, at the expense of many who use this road year-round is absurd and an injustice to residents of this area.

If a bike path is needed, do not reduce Red Arrow Highway from 4 lanes to 3. This is ill-advised and would be a detriment to the tax payers, voters, residents, and motorists of the area.

Reducing to 3 lanes would cause more traffic congestion, especially during the summer and fall months around busy areas such as Warren Dunes State Park. Red Arrow Highway is an important alternative to Interstate 94, which has heavy truck traffic and is prone to back-ups because of heavy traffic, road repair, and accidents.

In case of emergencies, all 4 lanes of Red Arrow Highway are needed for use and evacuation, especially with the Cook Plant so close. Red Arrow is an emergency route and going down to 3 lanes could be a real threat to the health and safety of the residents.

I urge all units of government along this route to voice their opposition and vote to oppose the reduction of Red Arrow Highway from 4 lanes to 3 now, and in the future.

Rolland & Pam Oselka


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