Chances are if you have a dog, you know Gerry Muncy. He has been an icon in our area for decades! You may have seen him training dogs in New Buffalo with his beloved Quincy, who was laid to rest 2 years ago, or maybe you see him with his giant, well-trained German Shepherd, Jubal.

Now, Gerry needs our help. He is losing his apartment and must be out by December 1st. Gerry has limited income during the off season as his dog training clientele decrease in the winter months. He needs to find a place to live that is affordable to him and that will also accept a large, well-trained German Shepherd. We are Gerry’s community and hopefully, we can come together to keep him in our area. He has helped so many of us in finding an adoptable furry friend and making that dog one that has the manners that make them the wonderful pet that they have become.

Now, maybe we can help him. If you know of anyone that has a simple affordable place to rent, hopefully one with a yard for Jubal, please contact me Sue at 469-4672 or Gerry Muncy at (269) 612-2004.

Sue Koenigsberg

Union Pier

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