up close and personal. There is no safety glass between our drivers and “their” seniors.

With each meal, they build relationships and bonds. We also get to know our clients’ stories which are not widely known since many are isolated.

And these stories bring us together and show us how similar we are, no matter our circumstances at the moment.

For example, Ms. C., who at 94 years young has outlived her family and friends. Working for 30 years and taking care of her parents took its toll on her body in neuropathy, and yet she is always impeccably dressed and gives her drivers candy at every visit.

Or Mrs. D. whose children have health issues and are not able to care for her. Fiercely independent, she struggles with hearing loss and fears being institutionalized. Her driver, Charles, is a confidant and a friend who cheers her on and often goes above and beyond to help her.

Mr. Z’s only son lives far away and he is devoted to the cats he and his wife care for. They, too, want to remain living in their home with their pets.

They all dep end on our drivers to deliver meals to them.

These were all hard working men and women of all walks of live who want to remain living independently in their own homes. Our meals on wheels program

helps them do that, with meals to nourish them, social contact to connect them to others and connect them to resources when needed.

Complicated? No. Necessary? Yes. Important? Absolutely.

The numbers of seniors needing meals is rising. And their needs are often greater and more complex. For these seniors, the future is bleak without Meals on Wheels of Southwest Michigan’s help.

Please join with me to help seniors such as Mrs. D. this holiday season. Your contribution of $106.25 provides meals for her for a month. Our seniors need your help. Please visit www.snsmeals.org/HowtoHelp/Donate or send a check to Senior Nutrition Services, 1708 Colfax Ave., Benton Harbor MI 49022.

Thank you for your generosity.

Happy holidays to you all.


Linda K. Strohl

Executive Director

Meals on Wheels of Southwest Michigan

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