We at the Michiana Humane Society (MHS) hope everyone is finding comfort snuggling with their pets in these uncertain times.

The good news from MHS is that 15 dogs, cats and guinea pigs so far have been placed into foster homes so that they can live good home lives during this time. We continue to get inquiries from people able to add a dog or cat temporarily. If you’re interested, you’ll find our foster application online at: https://michianahumanesociety.org/get-involved/fostering-dogs

People can be awesome.

The not as good news is that the shelter is closed except by appointment. We are operating with limited staff to reduce exposure. We cannot accept any donated items at this time due to risk of germs. You can read our statement at: https://michianahumanesociety.org/coronavirus-changes-at-mhs/

With the (Indiana) Governor’s announcement extending school closures, we will be working on revising our plans through April.

This also means that our 22nd Annual Spring Fling is on hold. It has been a dependable source of income for the shelter each spring and there is no question that we feel this.

People ask how to help. Fosters are making our lives easier, and can help to ease stress for your family by offering a welcome distraction. And if you are able to donate, you can help to lessen the budget impact of the outbreak on the shelter. It hardly feels right to ask, but we, like everyone, are trying to figure out how to reduce the financial pain to our staff while also remaining responsible with the funds that support us. I owe it to our animals and our staff to at least ask.

If you have general questions, free to contact the shelter at (219) 872-4499 between 12-4 Central Time, Monday-Friday, when we will have office staff to answer the phone. I will mostly be working from home, but you can leave me a message at extension 105 and I will get back to you.

If you’ve read this far, thank you for caring about how the Michiana Humane Society is getting by during the coronavirus outbreak. We hope you and your (two- and four-footed) loved ones stay safe.

Johanna Humbert

Executive Director

Michiana Humane Society

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