On Tuesday Feb 18, 2020, the New Buffalo City Council did not support the one year trial aimed at determining the effects of going from four to three lanes on Route 12.

This test would have included re-striping the road from the Michigan/Indiana border to the New Buffalo Post Office. The test would run for about one year and include taking traffic data at key points.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has gone from four to three lanes in many locations in Michigan, which has resulted in improved safety. This experience was reviewed at an open meeting at the NB High School a couple of months ago.

However, there are very strong feelings in the NB area both for and against going from four to three lanes on Route 12. As a result, MDOT proposed to re-stripe Route 12 to test out the concept in our area. It was proposed as a COMPROMISE. All that MDOT required was for both NB Township and the city to endorse the test. NB Township approved it unanimously. However, the city voted not to support it.

As someone who has worked hard over the years to improve the quality of life in Harbor Country, I was very disappointed and embarrassed by the lack of support this test compromise received from the city. We often criticize the folks in Washington concerning their extreme positions on both sides of the isle, with little or no energy being spent on finding the middle ground. Unfortunately, it appears this same model has taken hold in the city of NB.

My hope is that after giving this subject some additional thought, the city will vote to support this test at their next meeting.

Arnie Feinberg

City of New Buffalo

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