On behalf of New Buffalo Township, I would like to thank all the amazing people that helped to make our 5th Public Safety Day a huge success! We were overwhelmed with the turnout this year! We ran out of food and school supplies toward the end, but will be prepared for a great turnout next year!

Thank you to the Pokagon Fund for funding our school supply giveaway! We heard from some many families that because of this event, they had all the school supplies that their kids needed to start school. Thanks for your continued support!

Thanks to the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office for bringing emergency equipment and vehicles for kids to see. The kids loved checking out the armored vehicle, squad cars and marine division equipment! Thanks to our NBT Sheriff Patrol Lt. Ryan Sullivan for helping make it a fun day!

Thank you to Medic 1 for bring your ambulance and showing kids the cool equipment!

It’s such a great idea to let kids see and learn about what you do so if they ever have to ride in an ambulance, it won’t be so scary.

Thanks to First Responders Children’s Foundation for donating over 50 book bags!

Big thanks to Sara Mead and Susan Seifert for organizing our School Supply Giveaway once again! Also, to all the NB Elementary teachers and staff that helped at the event! Lots of happy students and parents left with just what they needed for school.

Last but not least, thanks to our New Buffalo Township Fire Dept. for hosting this event!! Chief Flick and his firefighters are always eager to do whatever they can for our community. Whether it’s teaching fire safety and playing games with day camp kids or showing kids fire equipment and sitting in a dunk tank at Public Safety Day, these dedicated firefighters continually serve their community in so many ways. The Township is very fortunate to have this amazing group of people!

We hope everyone that attended had as much fun as we did and we’ll see you next year!!

Michelle Heit


New Buffalo Township

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