The Harbert Community Park improvements contracted for by Chikaming Township last year are designed to solve the community’s need, identified in the Chikaming Park Board 2025 Plan, for “an identifiable place that is immediately associated with the greater Chikaming community, and which offers an opportunity to gather, mingle, celebrate, and re-create.” (2025 Plan, p.32).

The 2025 Plan calls for:

A permanent, open-air music venue or bandshell. This is highest rank in the public survey conducted for the needs assessment. (p. 37, 58)

Completion of the accessible ramp to the pond with a viewing platform (p 21, 33, 51)

Repurposing of the ball diamond into a multi-purpose facility. (p 21, 37)

Pond enhancement, including a viewing/fishing platform. (p 33, 50, 51)

Promote selected events such as pony ball, music, plays and movies in the park (p 32, 37, 58)

When I read the 2025 Plan, I saw an opportunity to make a meaningful difference. I gained a position on the Park Board and donated a substantial sum to Chikaming Township as matching funds toward the cost of these improvements. My donation is pure philanthropy. I do not personally benefit from the improvements, nor does my other philanthropic interest: the School of American Music in Three Oaks. I hope my gift and volunteering will motivate others to donate time and resources to the Park District and its 2025 Plan.

Garth Taylor Harbert

Chikaming Twp. Park Board MemberBoard President, School of American Music, Three Oaks

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