I would like to respond to an opinion letter from Mike Schnable in your paper's March 13, 2020 edition — "ICE overzealous regarding Parlak case."

Though I have my own opinion in the matter, I'm not writing to argue or debate whether Mr. Parlak should or should not be deported. I am writing to point out that Mr. Schnable is using this as an opportunity to bash the Trump administration for Mr. Parlak's problems, when he certainly must know that Parlak's troubles with our government spanned the administrations of Clinton, Bush and Obama — long before President Trump came to office. Schnable talks about electing a president, senators and congressional representatives who will fight for comprehensive immigration reform (which is code for open borders), completely ignoring Trump's DACA immigration offer that would have massively expanded the number of so-called Dreamers, giving them eventual amnesty and citizenship. The Democrats turned the offer down because they couldn't abide what might be perceived as a win for Trump.

With the exception of the Lindbergh Kidnapping and the Attack on Pearl Harbor, liberals can be counted on to blame Trump for everything, the most recent example being the Coronavirus. I just want to let your readers know that there are still a few of us left who will be pushing back against this partisan nonsense during the run-up to the November election.


Thomas McCort

New Troy

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