To the Harbor Country Chamber of Commerce Board, based on the statement attributed to you per the article published by the Harbor Country News on Sept. 22, 2021,

This responds to your offer to be provided with questions and comments.

Question: On what fact-based documented evidence do you rely to claim that STRs in the City’s R-1 zoning sector can be supported by you, given the description of lawful property-use in R-1 that is clearly written in the City’s R-1 Zoning Ordinance?


The City of New Buffalo’s zoning ordinance currently has NO defined use allowing Short term rental activity to operate

All permitted Short Term Rentals in residential districts are currently in conflict with the City’s Zoning Ordinance

There is no tax mechanism in the State of Michigan for municipalities of our size that would allow taxation for the public good on the private operation of short term rentals.

Any and all public dollars spent in the management of Short Term Rental activity is not equitable to Citizens of The City of New Buffalo as a whole and only to those privately invested in Short Term Rental operations.

Economic benefits of Short Term Rental operations are intangible due to the lack of taxation that would support claims of priority, These claims are purely anecdotal and stand in direct contrast with the documented evidence of the numbers of visitors in town in the last 3 years.

Any and all Code enforcement ordinances are secondary to the regulation of business enterprise.

Stricter regulation is clearly necessary. Since Oct 2020 Municipal Solutions Specialists, Granicus has provided the City with Information that between 50-150 rentals have been operating illegally within the City limits.

Denial of equity to the “quality of life” to all Citizens in The Citys Residential district’s is a violation of their constitutionally protected right of equal protection under the law.

John Humphrey

personally, and as a single member of the New Buffalo City Council

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