Dear City of Bridgman Residents:

My name is Linda Gedeon-Kuhn and I am running for a position on the Bridgman City Council in the upcoming election. I have served for 14 years on the Bridgman City Council (while on the Council I served on the Police and Fire Commission and on the Parks Commission), 25 years on the Bridgman City Planning Commission (as Secretary), and on the the Bridgman City Zoning Board of Appeals (part of the time as Secretary).

Several of the goals achieved in the City, while a council member, have included attaining funding for the Clock Tower at City Hall, the placing of the Taps Rock at WEKO Beach, and the creation of a garden at the Toth Street Park.

I have also served on the Michigan Municipal League (MML) Board, the MML Workman’s Comp Board and the MML Elected Officials Academy Board and am one of 92 individuals in the State of Michigan to have attained Level III graduation of the EOA).

I am currently a member of the Bridgman Foundation for Educational Excellence and very proud of the STEM Lab at Reed Middle School, which the Foundation helped fund.

I am a 33 year resident of Bridgman, the mother of three sons, a grandmother and a wife.  I would consider it an honor to serve on the City Commission again and ask that you vote for me on November 6.

Thank you,

Linda Gedeon-Kuhn


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