Fred Upton’s negative TV ads claiming that “Longjohn wants to gut our military” are untrue. Matt Longjohn has a son serving in the U.S. Air Force and fully supports a strong and healthy military. Strong and healthy means more than buying $billions of new equipment from big corporations. To Matt Longjohn, it also means supporting Veterans and military families.

Per a recent article, the Army Times indicated that nearly all veterans are against privatizing the VA. Yet the Trump Administration appears determined to have outside agents, Trump’s Mara-a-Lago friends, act as key architects for a host of Veterans policy decisions, one of which is privatizing the VA.

For many years I watched lower enlisted service personnel struggle making ends meet using outrageous 500 percent loans from payday lenders. During Obama’s administration, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau worked to protect the disadvantaged to include many of our lower ranking military families. That all ended when the Trump Administration began working to end payday lender regulations.

Fred Upton uses the military as a pawn in election ads, but he doesn’t appear to care about enacting any meaningful legislation to protect our Veterans and military families. Upton’s been in Congress for over 31 years. It’s time for new leadership in our Congress. It’s time to elect Dr. Matt Longjohn to serve in Michigan’s 6th district.

 Ken Peterson

MAJ USA (Ret.)


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