I am writing with the aim to gain support for my dad, Ray, for City Council. I know he will get a lot of votes so every single vote will count. My dad raised me to be an independent thinker. I don’t think I am right about everything, nor is he, nor is anyone because we don’t all sit around reading old giant books all day. But my dad does his research and he stands behind his beliefs. He is always available to share his thoughts on politics as many of you know.

Donna Messinger was a breath of fresh air while she was on the council and not because I agree with her political philosophy but because she raised questions and considered the opposition. Today no current member does that. Evidence as well as my opinion suggests they have big business in mind and the personal benefits that accompany those interests. I hope my dad has the opportunity to be a speaker for the average person. I ask that you vote for my dad, Ray Kirkus, for city council, in my opinion there is no else worth voting for.

Matthew Kirkus

New Buffalo

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