I’d like to thank the members of The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) who held an open house at the New Buffalo High School on Wed. Nov. 6 to explain background info on moving from 4 to 3 lanes on Route 12 in New Buffalo. This lane reduction, called a road diet, has already been successfully done in several locations in Berrien Country.  

What I was pleased to hear was that the lane reduction reduces accidents, such as rear ends and side swipes. In addition, the actual traffic data collected showed that the traffic flow on Route 12 in our area supports this lane reduction. Also, MDOT data showed that added traffic on Route12 resulting from emergency road closures on Route 94 is  relatively low and doesn’t have a significant  effect on the advantages gained from the road diet.

Although this road diet may, at some times, reduce speeds/ travel times, it seems like a small price to pay for a safer road. And for those that need to get to their destination faster, there is always Route 94.

Also, one possible side benefit of this lane reduction is the reduced number of trucks using Route 12 in order to avoid the weigh stations on Route 94.

I therefore support MDOT moving ahead with the road diet. In addition, I hope that the Council members in both the City of New Buffalo and in New Buffalo Township consider the safety benefits that will result from this project and send letters of support to MDOT for the Road Diet.

Arnie Feinberg

City of New Buffalo

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