On April 20, 2020, The Times of Northwest Indiana published an article regarding an unlawful gathering at a home in New Buffalo during the Michigan lock-down. I  am compelled to respond to this article because the accompanying picture was of of a group of  homes in my community, though the party did not take place there. 

This is especially distressing to the members of our homeowners’ association because we have been very careful to follow all of the guidelines put forth in this stay-at-home order. Since we are a POA (property owner’s association), our board president immediately notified us of this order and informed us that we would not be able to have any renters in the homes. There were several emails between the owners to clarify the details because everyone wanted to make sure that they understood what was expected of them to keep the community safe during this serious time period. Nobody was looking for ways to get around the laws in the name of profit.     

As members of the community who are second homeowners in New Buffalo, we are, and always have been, concerned with being good citizens to  the city that we view as our actual second home, even if we also rent out our houses. Sadly, we are aware that some of the city’s permanent residents can sometimes misunderstand who we are and what our commitment to New Buffalo is, thus it feels important to clarify to the community that the houses in the picture were not in any way associated with the party mentioned in the article or any other infraction of the current stay-home restrictions in the state of Michigan. It is unfortunate that the newspaper published this picture along with this article without any disclaimer that this was just a random picture of homes in New Buffalo and not the scene of any unlawful events. 

Our community is dedicated to the city of New Buffalo and being positive contributors to its well-being.

Thank you,

Julie Barr

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Thank you, Julie! Well-said!!!


Thank you to Julie Barr for her words describing the real and actual perspective of the second home owner in Harbor country who enjoys living here part time and promoting this beautiful area as well as having selected renters. I have managed a cottage in Sawyer for 25 years with a true dedication to the area. There is a perception that all rental properties are party houses. Not true. Come read my guest book or talk to the local businesses that my renters have supported for 25 years! Thank you Julie for expressing it well.

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