Consider Mayor Lou O’Donnell’s decisions before going to the polls on November 6.

 • Ignored Under Secretary of the Army’s invitation to meet in Washington, D.C. to discuss shoreline erosion in Sunset Shores. 

 • Allowed city employees to count cash at the beach instead of direct bank deposit even though employees reported over $100,000 less in park revenues from 2016 to 2018.

• Walked out of a critical discussion on lifeguards; later approved elimination of lifeguard funding by 2020.

 • Without voter knowledge, approved transfers of Park Millage funds to dredge the river instead of promised park improvements.

 • Promised the $4,000,000 voter approved Street Improvement Bond was for all our streets yet only resurfaced a few.

 • Approved 1.4 million dollar employee budget adjustments just weeks into the new fiscal year.

 • Allowed $54,000 unallocated and unbudgeted employee spending for sidewalks and demolishing healthy trees.

 • Spent over $80,000 attempting to block the drug store drive-up window.

 • Destroyed transparency by discontinuing live streaming and recording public meetings.

 • After losing an expensive lawsuit because the Council refused to release public security videos containing Street Supervisor Tony Ashbaugh’s inflammatory language, O’Donnell approved moving the security equipment from the police department and into the hands of city employees that it was intended to monitor.

 • Approved a new powerful Public Works Director position without a job description or placement in the city’s organizational chart.  

 • Violated City Charter requirement that the city attorney is solely responsible to the full council by permitting City Manager Richards unauthorized use of legal representation for former employee Ashbaugh’s private lawsuit.

 • Made disparaging comments about County Commissioner Ezra Scott at the July Council meeting. (July 2018 online council minutes, council comments).  

 • Delegated his Freedom of Information appeal responsibility to City Manager Richards whose office now controls both the original FOIA requests and appeals.  

Susan Gotfried

New Buffalo

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