Some people make good arguments for 4 lanes like emergency evacuation routes and some people just flat out lie about how much traffic there really is to scare us.

I drive Red Arrow 4 to 8 times during the week at different times of the day. My observations: I have never seen bumper to bumper traffic on Red Arrow between new buffalo and Bridgman except on two occasions: 1. In August, July entering Warren Dunes State Park when one lane is still passable. 2. When I-94 is shut down, usually once or twice a year. Even during two-lane construction traffic this fall things were always flowing.

I live here for quality of life. I think traffic should be managed to maximize that, while still being able to accommodate the extreme cases which are rare. Keeping Red arrow four lanes to avoid bumper to bumper traffic would be the equivalent of living in a full hazmat suit in anticipation of a Cook Nuclear Plant meltdown. Both sacrifice quality of life in order to be prepared for the occasional possible extreme.

People live here because this is a recreational area. Biking, hiking, walking, running, swimming, enjoying life is what Harbor Country is about. Not four-lane highways. The only people qualified to say how much traffic there is (including myself) and whether or not 3 or 4 lanes will work are the engineers. Lets please guide them to make decisions that improve our quality of life.

Christian Siewert

New Buffalo

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