Gov. Gretchen Whitmer took decisive action early in this coronavirus crisis with directives aimed at protecting Michiganders while slowing the spread of the virus:

·  March 10- Declared State of Emergency after two cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Michigan.

·  March 13- Ordered cancellation of events hosting over 250 people.

·  March 16- Prohibited visitors from entering justice and hospital facilities unless needed for medical care.

· March 17- Closed schools, restaurants, bars, and expanded Michigan unemployment benefits.

The Governor further called for Michiganders to help combat the spread of the virus and mitigate loss of life by staying home and avoiding social contact. 

In light of the severe shortage of personal protection equipment (masks, gloves, gowns, etc) for health care workers, ventilators for desperately ill patients, and test kits to identify infected individuals, Governor Whitmer, Gov. Cuomo, and several other governors have strongly urged the president to make the federal government the “central authority” in coordinating the purchase and allocation of these essential items, as quickly as possible.

President Trump, on the other hand, has been slow to react, expressing doubt about shortages of medical supplies and boasting about the country’s still-inadequate testing capacity. Oh, and yes, since there’s still no “central authority”/oversight in this crisis, the U.S. now has every state and the Federal Government all competing ineffectively for the same critical supplies.

A leader, whether a U.S. president or a state governor, is responsible for every decision and action in their organization. To successfully fulfill the role, a leader must establish and implement policies that best meet their citizens’ needs for the situation at hand, especially in a time of crisis.

Our governor is a true leader and has taken quick, sound action to help slow this crisis. Why hasn’t President Trump?

 Ken Peterson


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