BRIDGMAN — The 2021 high school track season began on March 30 with the Bridgman Invitational.

The host Bees excelled, with the girls placing first and the boys’ squad finishing second.

Team results follow:

Girls – 1. Bridgman 143 points; 2. Marcellus 131; 3. New Buffalo 112; 4. Buchanan 75; 5. River Valley 71; 6. Brandywine 33; 7. Decatur 24; 8. Eau Claire 3.

Boys – 1. Buchanan 152; 2. Bridgman 130.5; 3. Marcellus 104; 4. Brandywine 73; 5. Decatur 61; 6. River Valley 29; 7. New Buffalo 26; 8. Eau Claire 25.5.

Individual results for athletes from Bridgman, New Buffalo and River Valley include the following:


Shot Put: 1. Nadia Collins, New Buffalo; 4. Lillian Moore, River Valley; 5. Mikayla Beckman, River Valley; 6. Karen Merino, River Valley.

Discus: 1. Nadia Collins, New Buffalo; 2. Mikayla Beckman, River Valley; 4. Lillian Moore, River Valley; 6. Karen Merino, River Valley.

High Jump: 2. Allie Smith, New Buffalo; 5. Emma Lantz, New Buffalo; 6. Javen Graves, Bridgman.

Long Jump: 1. Abby Vitale, New Buffalo; 2. Takiya Cornelius, Bridgman; 4. Jalynn Krieger, Bridgman; 5. Maggie Griffiths, Bridgman; 6. DaNai Smothers Davis, New Buffalo.

100-meter dash: 2. Javen Graves, Bridgman; 3. DaNai Smothers Davis, New Buffalo; 5. Nyhilia Durham, New Buffalo.

200-meter run: 5. Sam Smith, New Buffalo; 6. Mikayla Beckman, River Valley.

400-meter run: 1. Maggie Griffiths, Bridgman; 2. Abby Vitale, New Buffalo; 3. Takiya Cornelius, Bridgman; 5. Jalynn Krieger, Bridgman.

800-meter run: 1. Jane Kaspar, Bridgman; 4. Taylor Volstorf, River Valley; 5. Alyssa Montgomery, River Valley; 6. Jill Kaspar, Bridgman.

1,600-meter run: 2. Karsyn Stewart, Bridgman; 3. Kursten Smith, River Valley; 5. Eliza McGinn, New Buffalo.

3,200-meter run: 1. Karsyn Stewart, Bridgman; 3. Eliza McGinn, New Buffalo; 5. Summer Fast, Bridgman.

100-meter hurdles: 1. Emma Lantz, New Buffalo; 3. Ava Johnson, New Buffalo; 4. Kylie Ott, Bridgman.

300-meter hurdles: 2. Sophie Fenech, Bridgman; 3. Kylie Ott, Bridgman.


4-by-100 – 1st place New Buffalo (Allie Smith, Ava Johnson, Nyhilia Durham and DaNai Smothers Davis).

4-by-200 – 1st place Bridgman (Maggie Griffiths, Malorie Griffiths, Jalynn Krieger and Takiya Cornelius); 2nd place New Buffalo (Sam Smith, Emma Lantz, Allie Smith and Abby Vitale).

4-by-400 – 1st place Bridgman (Takiya Cornelius, Maggie Griffiths, Jane Kaspar and Mallorie Griffiths; 2nd place River Valley (Rylee Rogers, Autumn Ackerman, Mya Thomas and Kirsten Smith.

4-by-800 – 1st place Bridgman (Summer Fast, Karsyn Stewart, Jill Kaspar and Jane Kaspar); 2nd place River Valley (Rylee Rogers, Miryam Armenteros, Mya Thomas and Kursten Smith.


Shot Put: 2. Zachery Teed, Bridgman; 6. Jose Estebes, Bridgman.

Discus: 5. Zachery Teed, Bridgman.

High Jump: 2. Jaquan Pierce, Bridgman; 4. Christian Dinges, Bridgman.

Long Jump: 2. Kaeden Lies, Bridgman; 5. Austin Semenchuk, New Buffalo; 6. Max Nicely, River Valley.

100-meter dash: 4. Christian Dinges, Bridgman; 6. Kaeden Lies, Bridgman.

200-meter run: 6. Jeremiah Smith, River Valley.

400-meter run: 1. Ethan Williams, Bridgman; 2. Owen Slavens, Bridgman; 6. Braiden Brooks, River Valley.

800-meter run: 1. Luke Blesy, Bridgman; 6. Braiden Brooks, River Valley.

1,600-meter run: 1. Luke Blesy, Bridgman; 3. Emerson Barnes, New Buffalo; 5. Sebastian Kirk, Bridgman; 6. Austin York, River Valley.

3,200-meter run: 2. Austin York, River Valley; 5. AJ Hackett, Bridgman.

110-meter hurdles: 4. Austin Semenchuk, New Buffalo; 5. Jack Lantz, New Buffalo; 6. Tyler Schmidtke, Bridgman.


4-by-200 – 2nd place Bridgman (Owen Slavens, Clark Smith, Nick Rumsa and Christian Dinges).

4-by-400 – 1st place Bridgman (Ethan Williams, Jonathon Cabrera, Clark Smith and Luke Blesy).

4-by-800 – 3rd place Bridgman (Logan Kanaus, Sebastian Kirk, AJ Hackett and Jason Swenson).

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