ALLENDALE — Bridgman’s girls cross country team won its first-ever regional title at the Saturday, Oct. 26, Division 4 regional meet held at Allendale High School.

The Bees will compete at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 2, at the Division 4 state finals, held at Michigan International Speedway.

“We’ve had a pretty solid top five all year,” Bridgman coach Spencer Carr said. “They all just came out and ran like they’re capable of. Nobody really did anything special, they just all ran a good race for us and we were able to win pretty easily today.”

Each of the Bees’ first five finished inside of the top 15. Karsyn Stewart led the way, finishing second in 19:55. Arie Hackett finished third in 20:17, with Summer Fast and Jane Kaspar also placing in the top 10. Mikaela Owen rounded out Bridgman’s top five.

Carr said there are four teams that have a realistic shot at the top two spots next Saturday. He identified defending state champion Mount Pleasant Sacred Heart as a possible favorite, as well as Adrian Lenawee Christian and Hillsdale Academy.

“I think it’s going to be whoever has the best race next Saturday,” Carr said. “(We) know that our goal is next week. We just had to get through today and hopefully perform well next Saturday.”

The Bees boys also performed well, placing second as a team.

Chipper Steffey and Luke Blesy were standouts for Bridgman, placing third and fifth, respectively.

Other individual qualifers included River Valley’s Logan Payne (13th) in the boys race.

Division 4 at Allendale High School Girls Team scores — 1. Bridgman 35, 2. Muskegon Western Mich. Christian 66, 3. Fruitport Calvary Christian 88, 4. Libertas Christian 117.

Bridgman — 2. Karsyn Stewart 19:55.0, 3. Arie Hackett 20:17.5, 7. Summer Fast 21:06.2, 10. Jane Kaspar 21:25.9, 13. Mikaela Owen 21:32.8.

River Valley — 20. Rylee Rogers 22:48.9, 39. Taylor Volstorf 24:16.2, 48. Alyssa Montgomery 25:35.1.

New Buffalo — 34. Abby Vitale 23:36.4, 58. Sara Eberly 26:56.5.

Division 4 at Allendale High School Boys Team scores —1. Potter’s House 50, 2. Bridgman 54, 3. Muskegon Western Mich. Christian 93, 4. Gobles 124.

Bridgman — 3. Chipper Steffey 17:11.3, 5. Luke Blesy 17:22.3, 12. John Sanderson 17:55.8, 14. AJ Hackett 18:08.1, 24. Jayce Warren 18:37.5.

River Valley — 13. Logan Payne 17:57.8, 16. Gavyn Rogers 18:17.7, 40. Joshua Seifert 19:46.3, 49. David Forker 20:40.3, 54. Jaren Christ 20:54.7.

New Buffalo — 75. Evan Spriggs 22:41.2, 76. Keagan Papke 22:44.6, 81. Evan Messinger 24:24.3.

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