BRIDGMAN — A three-team Bridgman Invitational was run Aug. 26 at Lake Township Park, with the home cross country teams coming out on top.

The Bee boys edged longtime rival Waterveliet  26-30 while the defending state champion Bridgman girls rolled 16-43 over the Panthers.

Eau Claire also had runners competing but did not field full teams.

The races wee run in scorching heat — a tradition for the Bridgman Invitational which in a normal year would feature competition among multiple teams from the area.

“It’s definitely good to get out again, back to normalcy a little bit,” said Bridgman senior Luke Blesy after winning the boys race in a time of 18:23.2. “I’m looking forward to this season a lot. Hopefully it’s not too much different, but we’ve just got to deal with the challenges.”

The Lady Bees took the first four spots (along with sixth and seventh) in the girls run.

“Even with the heat we still did pretty good,” noted race winner Karsyn Stewart.

Results from the Aug. 26 cross country races at Lake Township Park follow:


1. Luke Blesy, Bridgman (18:23.2); 2. German Casiano, Watervkliet (19:32.2); 3. Ezra Troyer, Watervliet (19:50.2); 4. John Sanderson, Bridgman (19:59.6); 5. Camdon Geisler, Watervliet (20:10.2); 6. Edward Lopez, Eau Claire (20:17.7); 7. Nathan Blied, Bridgman (20:37.9); 8. Jayce Warren, Bridgman (20:45.5). 9. Adam Blankenship, Eau Claire (20:55.7); 10. A.J. Hackett, Bridgman (20:59.7); 11. Abel Villareal, Watervliet; 12. Sebastian Kirk, Bridgman.


1. Karsyn Stewart, Bridgman (22:22.9); 2. Arie Hackett, Bridgman (23:21.7); 3. Summer Fast, Bridgman (23:53.5); 4. Jane Kaspar, Bridgman (25:56.1); 5. Morgan Lowell, Watervliet (26:17.3); 6. Khloe Davis, Bridgman (26:53.9): 7. Graci Tate, Bridgman (26:56); 8. Aria Richards, Watervliet (29:54.9); 9. Abby Lomoro, Watervliet (30:33); 10. Megan Trapp, Watervliet (30:43.3).

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