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Bridgman’s Reid Haskins (with football) hurdles a would-be Mendon tackler during a Sept. 17 eight-man game.

BRIDGMAN — Bridgman was facing an anticlimactic end to its impressive eight-man football season after an Oct. 15 winner-take-all showdown for the Southwest Michigan Eight-Man Football League Tier 2 championship at Lawrence was canceled (MHSAA.com lists Bridgman as a forfeit winner). Both teams were 4-0 in conference play.

But the MHSAA is allowing of a Week 10 additional regular season game between host Bridgman and Northpointe Christian at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 28, as both teams have received a forfeit win during the course of the season and will have otherwise only played 8 official games.

“It’s disappointment, really,” Bridgman coach Aaron Locke said of the canceled Oct. 15 contest. “We were looking forward to having a showdown for the conference championship.”

Lawrence athletic director John Guillean told Kalamazoo television station WWMT that the cancellation “is due to a combination of factors that would affect player safety.”

Bridgman (7-0) also has an Oct. 22 non-conference game against Marcellus on its schedule. The Bees are above the MHSAA enrollment limit for the eight-player playoffs.

“Having a playoff is a part of drawing kids back out to football,” Locke said. “It would be nice to have a playoff for the bigger schools.”

The Bees have won all their games this season by at least four touchdowns.

“Our kids really want to play someone big,” Locke said prior to the Oct. 28 game being added to the schedule. “They were really looking forward to that. They really want to see where they stack up. You just want a place to put all that work and effort in the playoffs and get something.”

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